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57 Mid Dural Road Middle Dural.. Phone 96512805 or 96511618  Our Email:  senior_deputy@middledural.com


New Recruits:
We have a comprehensive training programme which will take you from rookie to a fully fledged accredited firefighter. These training modules are conducted at both Fire Control Headquarters or our Station at various times throughout the year at times to suit your convenience.. Come and talk to us - we will explain all aspects of courses, so call now Phone 96511618 and speak to one of our senior officers.....................

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General Business

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The Annual General Meeting of the Middle Dural Fire Brigade  held on the 4 th  April 2005, at this meeting the following Members were re-elected to the positions indicated below:

New positions are as follows :

  • President:                              Jim Smith
  • Vice President                       Jo Cameron
  • Secretary                              Jeff Best
  • Treasurer                              Wolf  Hofbrucker
  • Captain                                 Len Best
  • Snr. Deputy Captain              Jeff Best
  • First Aid                                Jo Cameron
  • Assist.Training Officer            Morrie Maait
  • Training Officer                      Ken James
  • Equipment Officer                  Andrew McKenzie
  • Assist. Equip Officer              D. Roberts & J Bush
  • Station Officer                       Frank Chapman                  
  • Mitigation Officer                    Tamara Cox
  • Assist. Mittigation Officer        Suzie Billows
  • Chain Saw Officer                  Ralph Lawson Smith
  • Communication Officer           Lucy McClure
  • Uniform Protocol Officer         Jono Stokes
  • Education Coordinator            Tamara Cox
  • Canteen Coordinator              Max Shuddeboom 
  • Auditor                                   Philip Jones

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     Deputy Captains:

  • Ken Middleton
  • John Mutch
  • Jeff Best
  • Jo Cameron
  • Jim Smith
  • Andrew McKenzie
  • Max Schuddeboom
  • Greg Thom

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Safety Rules

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 Our Brigade  Pictures  History.1-2  Main Page