Equipment:Motorola  GRN …PMR   Dual system U.H.V. Hi Band  two way radio.

The PMR system will soon be our principal communication standard from Base to Mobile and Mobile to Mobile. Baulkham Hills Control will continue to operate the TAIT VHF radios as a stand-by system operating on FIRE 1 and FIRE 2.

TAIT VHF:This system operates from Base to the Kurrajong repeater and on to various mobiles.This is a duplex system meaning it transmits on one channel and receives on another channel while operating on FIRE 1.A mobile using FIRE1 cannot talk directly from mobile to mobile. It will be directed through the Kurrajong repeater even if vehicles are only 500 metres apart. However, if communications are poor, due to terrain difficulties, Mobiles may switch to FIRE 2, which operates on the Simplex system, this will then allow usage between close adjacent vehicles.

      Note..FIRE 2 will not allow two way conversations between mobile and BASE.

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G.R.N / P.M.R

The UHF PMR system operates in the 450 Mhz regon.  To change from the GRN to PMR system it is required to press the Zone button then select PMR.  The system will come up in the following arrangement.


This radio will automatically initialize on the closest or chosen repeater. This will enable reliable contact between Mobile and Base or Mobile to Mobile or Base to Mobile, via any convenient repeater.

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